“We are so much more than just a “party bike” to some people.”

Some may think that Nashville Pedal Tavern just hosts an amazing party, but our tours can mean so much more than that. Josh Cloud, the Team Manager of Pedal Tavern, takes a moment to go over some amazing stories – from watching riders celebrate a friend’s life with a Pedal Tavern memorial to introducing some ecstatic little girls to a Disney princess-themed bachelorette tour. Find out why and how Nashville Pedal Tavern is so much more than just a great night out.

Cloud sitting in front of a Pedal Tavern boat.


Josh Cloud, aka “Cloud”


La Habra Heights, California

Time spent with NPT and position:

I’ve been with NPT for 6 years as the team manager.


Do you remember the first time you heard or saw a Nashville Pedal Tavern tour?

The first time I ever saw the Pedal Tavern I was singing at a bar downtown and this strange thing was slowing moving down the street with girls peddling while singing “Call Me Maybe” by Carley Rae Jepsen.

What is the best part of being a Nashville Pedal Tavern driver?

I love meeting people from all over the world and help them make memories for their special weekends. I love telling tourists fun facts about the city and why I personally believe Nashville is amazing. But most of all, I love the people that I work with. I’m passionate about the Pedal Tavern and how we are so much more than just a “party bike” to some people.  We literally just had nearly 30 bikers drive down from Michigan and book a double Pedal Tavern tour in honor of their friend who had coming to Nashville and “doing the Pedal Tavern” at the top of his bucket list. Before he was able to set the trip up, he passed away. His friends all rode their motorcycles down to Nashville and brought his ashes with them on the Pedal Tavern tour. At the end of the tour, the Pedal Tavern drove them to a little park where we start some of our tours so they could spread his ashes in the park next to our starting point.
We’ve helped arrange several wedding engagements for people, even going as far as to buy the champagne ahead of time, arranging the spot for the “big moment” and having someone there to “subtly videotape the moment, set up a playlist, and make the magic happen when she says “YES!” We’ve had 80th birthday parties, we’ve had “I beat cancer parties” we have countless people who come to Nashville just to do the Pedal Tavern because it’s on their bucket list, etc…I can go on and on.

What do you like to do with your spare time when you aren’t on the Pedal Tavern?

I work on life, my music and I stay away from crowds unless it’s for a Preds game.

Favorite insider tip for anyone on a Nashville Pedal Tavern party bike tour?

Don’t bring too much beer!

Can you paint a picture of your favorite memory driving the Pedal Tavern?

Yes, I had a bachelorette party in from San Diego and they were all dressed up in professional Disney princess costumes. It just so happened “Frozen on Ice” was at Bridgestone so there were hundreds of little girls running around with their minds blown that all the Disney princesses were on this peddling machine.  Every time we got to a spot little girls would run up to take pictures with their favorite princess. The bachelorette party had no clue that Disney on Ice was in town so it was just as amazing, if not more amazing for them. I’ve had countless bachelorette parties reach out to me weeks after their Pedal Tavern tour just to let me know how much they appreciated me for making them feel special.

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