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Forget Vegas, Nashville is the end-all city for the most fun and creative bachelorette party.  The best bars, nicest people, and awesome music wherever you turn makes for the perfect last night of freedom!  Whether you are visiting or have been in Nashville your whole life, there is always fun to find and new places to experience. Let us help you plan your Nashville bachelorette party – the most important night in a bachelorette’s life!  Oh, besides the actual wedding.

Location, Location, Location

Set your Nashville bachelorette party up for success by starting the night in the city where the music never stops. Grab your bride-or-die girl gang and hit up Lower Broadway. Downtown Nashville is where you will find all the famous Honkey Tonks that put Nashville on the map. Lower Broadway definitely has it’s fair share of bars, and it can be hard planning out your bar crawl, especially if it’s your first time in Nashville.  If you fit into this category, check out this helpful article by Thrillist that lists, explains, and rates every bar on Lower Broadway.


Sing Your Heart Out At Nashville’s Best Karaoke

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Us Nashville locals understand the need to grab the spotlight and belt your favorite songs when you’re feelin’ yourself.  Who knows? Maybe you will be discovered and become Nashville’s next music sensation. Visit Alan Jackson’s bar “AJs” and sing your heart out on the 3rd level, or hit up Wannabes down Broadway. Here are our favorite classic karaoke songs that we dare you to sing on your Nashville bachelorette:

  • Kelly Clarkson – Before He Cheats
  • Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie
  • Beyonce – Daddy Lessons
  • BRIDE BONUS: Ella Fitzgerald – At Last


Dress for Success

Are you even at a Nashville bachelorette party if you aren’t all dressed like a Dolly Parton lookalike? Buy them boots! You can’t visit Nashville without taking advantage of the Buy 1 Get 2 Free boots specials. Visit any of the boot shops in Lower Broadway to grab your pair. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you are sure to find your Music City glass slippers.


A Nashville Bachelorette Party Is Only As Good As The Food You Eat

Get out of Downtown – our favorite go-to area is 12 South for eats, coffee, shopping, and photo shoots.

A delicious bloody mary, nashville bachelorette party, bachelorette party nashvilleCheck out Frothy Monkey for coffee, (heaven knows you probably need it at this point) and then head over to Flipside or Edly’s BBQ for some good eats. Flipside is an adorable classic-style diner with a modern hipster twist. Enjoy loaded chicken and tots, or a bloody mary so large and in charge, it’s basically a meal in itself.  If you’re looking for something to stick to your ribs, Edly’s BBQ has won Nashville’s “Best-in-BBQ” every year since 2013! Craving a cupcake while you’re out? Don’t lie, we know you are.  Don’t miss the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. If you thought the normal vending machine was your saving grace after a long night out, just wait until you experience this genius invention.




Plan a Nashville Bachelorette party everyone will love by booking a Nashville Pedal Tavern private tour!

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