5 Breweries To Visit On Your Next Trip To Nashville


Closeup of beer taps

In a city like Nashville, it can be hard to narrow down just where to post up and enjoy a delicious pint. The brewery scene in Nashville over the last few years has been booming in a big way. We used to have limited options for good beer, but now, there are so many options, it can be overwhelming to come up with the perfect list of Nashville breweries to hit up. It is hard to make a wrong decision when it comes to Nashville craft beer, but here is a list of our favorite Nashville breweries that hit the spot every time.


#1 – Yazoo Brewery

  • Recommended Beer: Dos Perros
  • Located in the heart of the Gulch, Yazoo Brewing Co. has been a must-do to locals and tourists alike since 2003. Yazoo Brewing grew to be the most well-known local brewery in Nashville. Yazoo is known for creative brews with flavors you won’t soon forget.

#2 – Jackalope Brewing Company

  • Recommended Beer: Love Bird Strawberry/Raspberry Hefeweizen 
  • Located in the Gulch area of downtown Nashville, Jackalope Brewing Co. sits pretty with a great atmosphere and better craft beer. Jackalope Brewing loves to play with their beer, coming up with creative and original flavors and beer-making methods. Flavors like raspberry, strawberry, apricot, and mango make for a nice fruity pint. 

#3 – Tailgate Brewery

  • Recommended Beer: Peanut Butter Milk Stout
  • Your go-to Brewery right smack dab on Music Row. Nashville’s Tailgate Brewery has delicious pizza, is always involved in cool community events, and has an awesome fun and casual vibe that will make sure everyone has a great night. Not to mention, the beer. Tailgate Brewery has highly respected brewmasters that create amazing pints for every occasion. 

#4 – Tenessee Brew Works

  • Recommended Beer: Walk the Lime American Wheat, Wildwood Flower Belgian-Style Honey Blonde
  • Looking for a good flight of awesome beer? Tenessee Brew Works is a great option for someone who has commitment issues. With a fancier feel, Tenessee Brew Works has a taproom with artisanal food, cheese boards, a nice ambiance, and of course, lots of craft beer. Maybe commitment issues aren’t so bad after all.

#5 – Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

  • Recommended Beer: Wallflower Spring Saison, Fire Starter Smoked Pumpkin Porter
  • This industrial-chic brewery prides itself on having the perfect beer for every occasion.  Because they have such a variety of beers available, no one disagrees.  This brewery offers brew tours as well as visits to the hopyard. Fat Bottom Brewing is truly a household name in Nashville. Experience this local favorite and figure out what all of the hype is about!

Experience the best brews in Music City on your next day exploring Nashville!