It’s time to throw a Nashville birthday party like we’re kids again.

Birthdays – we all have them once every 365 days. They inevitably come with that excitement we try to stifle because we are mature, grown-ass adults now and adults can’t celebrate their birthdays like we’re eight years old again… Or can we? It can be so easy to just go out to dinner and call it a day until next year – why not break that cycle of mediocre birthdays and plan a day where everyone can celebrate the most important thing in their lives – you! We at Nashville Pedal Tavern believe that a small amount of immaturity is healthy once a year. It’s time to skip the plain dinner plans and plan a Nashville birthday party celebration that eight-year-old you would be proud of.

Step 1: You Can’t Have A Nashville Birthday Party On An Empty Stomach

Food is one of the best parts about every birthday party and boy does Nashville deliver on that front. Everywhere you turn, there is awesome food at your fingertips, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a cool place that can handle all of your crew at once. We have a few favorites have good food, fun vibes, and are great for group events.

  • Hattie B’s Nashville’s Hot Chicken: Beat the long line, and order to go the hot chicken that everyone can’t go without! Hattie B’s, located right in Midtown (Nashville Broadway)! Order online and cut to the front of the line and take your food to a table inside, or you may take it out to your favorite place of your choice!
  • Turnip Truck + Picnic: Not in the mood to sit in a crowded restaurant? Grab some awesome snacks from Turnip Truck right in the Gulch and take it to Centennial Park! We can’t think of a better way to relax before the actual party starts.


Step 2: If You Didn’t Have Cake, Was It Even A Birthday?

Time to bring in the big guns for the best birthday cake in Nashville – we don’t mess around when it comes to dessert. Our favorite bakery is Sweet 16th Bakery, located in the heart of Nashville’s foodie central. East Nashville’s favorite neighborhood bakery, everything is made fresh daily from scratch! Want more than just a cake? They offer scones to danishes to a mouth-watering red velvet cupcake!

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Step 3: Come Prepared with your Favorite Bevvies For Our Pedal Tavern Tour!

You can’t be surprised that we consider ourselves one of the key ingredients to a crazy fun Nashville birthday party… That one should be a no-brainer. Our Nashville party bike tours stop at some of Nashville’s best bars and honky-tonks and come with some awesome drink specials, but save a little dough and keep the party going in between bars by bringing your own drinks for the ride! No glass, but any mixed drinks or beer that tickles your fancy are sure to be a crowd pleaser for your birthday crew.

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Step 4: The Party Doesn’t Have To Stop After The Pedal Tour!

Do you have some energy left in you, right? Of course, you do! It’s time to hit some of Nashville’s best dance clubs.
Option #1: Country/Honkytonk dance bar

  • Wild Horse Saloon: Dust the dirt off those cowboy boots, and head on down to Wild Horse Saloon to put your line dancing to the test! Wild Horse offers line dancing throughout the day and night all day Friday through Sunday! After, line dancing put your true southern roots to the test and ride Nashville’s only Bull in town! If you dare! 🙂
  • Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean and Acme Feed and Seed: When the sun goes down, these three rooftop bars turn into the ultimate dance party!


Step 5: Plan An Escape Route Ahead Of Time

Nothing kills the party more than realizing too late that there isn’t a designated driver. Stay safe and stress-free by picking straws beforehand on who is going to be the DD of the group. No one volunteers? Plan for public transportation or an Uber! Don’t get caught with your car downtown and no way to drive it, and be able to look back on an amazing birthday party without one hitch.

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