Find your Nashville gifts for everyone on your list!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ‘Tis the season to survive the packed department stores, buy the latest tech product that will be lame in 3 weeks, and fight off strangers for discounted TVs. Because stress and discounted TVs is the true meaning of the holidays, Right? …Wrong! ‘Tis the season to find thoughtful, creative gifts that come straight from the community you are proud to be a part of. The cool Nashville gift ideas this year are found and made right in the backyard of your city. Buy local gift ideas this year, and find yourself on everyone’s ‘Nice List.’ The best part? You don’t have to run all over Nashville to find each awesome local gift! All of these local gift ideas can be found at Nash Roots – just a stone’s throw away from Pedal Tavern central!

T-Shirt reading "I NEED MY PIILS (NER), Nashville gift ideas

For The Person Who Sees The Glass Half-Full (Of Beer)

We are huge fans of good beer and huge fans of hilarious puns. When the two are put together, it’s unstoppable. That’s why we love Brew City Ts – it lets us share our love of beer and puns with the world! It doesn’t stop with this design – they have a few designs that range from creative and cool to sassy and fun. Let’s get ‘Crafty AF.’

MARTINEZ Candle, Nashville gift ideas

For The Person Who Wants To Smell Like A Ranger

We all have the friend that complains about every ‘sweet pea’ and ‘floral-spring’ scented candles they come across. Whether they consider sweet-smelling products headache-inducing or they don’t want to smell like a Disney princess puked on them, they have their go-to reasons for skipping the sweet scented candles. Finally – a candle that was made just for them! These scents add a little ‘cabin vibe’ no matter where you are. Ranger Station candles create strong scents like ‘Leather + Pine’, and ‘Tobacco + Musk’. Light a candle and get an overwhelming urge to grow a beard and chop some wood.

Decorative Towels, Nashville gift ideas

For The Firm Believer In The “Hygge” Lifestyle

Hygge (Hue-Gah): A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

If your loved one is ready for the Hygge lifestyle, these Gosh(i) blankets are a great first step. They are made with high-quality materials which make them not only gorgeous but soft as a baby lamb. These blankets are the perfect Nashville local gift idea for a mom that likes to enjoy a nice evening in. They pair wonderfully with a cup of tea, a good book, and a flickering candle.

Alyn Vaughn earrings, Nashville gift ideas

For The Person Who Loves Some Understated Bling

If you are trying to find the perfect local Nashville gift idea for the trend-setter in your life, the best option is to choose something fashionable, yet classic. Alyn Vaughn earrings are the definition of this. Delicate with soft colors, they go with everything while still being a statement piece of an outfit! We love these simple drop earrings – the perfect daily outfit pick-me-up!

Pedal Tavern Riders, nashville party bike

For The Nashville Activities Lover!

Obviously, we made it on to our own Nashville gift guide list – our tours foster so many wonderful memories among friends, family, and strangers that we consider it the best gift you could give! You know what people are saying nowadays, “it’s better to gift an experience that creates lasting memories than give another material item that collects dust on the shelf”.  The perfect local Nashville gift for any fun-lover in your life is the gift of a great time with friends. Best part about gifting a Nashville party bike tour? There is a great chance you get to join in on the fun!

Gift a Nashville Pedal Tavern tour this holiday season!