While the Pedal Tavern has been the choice for Nashelorettes for many years, we have seen our fair share love story beginnings. From elaborately planned engagements to two strangers meeting and falling in love, the Pedal Tavern has been at the center of many love stories. And the best part is when couples come back a year or even 5 years later to ride the Pedal Tavern again and relive that Nashville Experience that started it all!

Epic Engagements in Nashville

The drivers of Nashville Pedal Tavern have helped arrange a number of wedding engagements for riders, even going as far as to buying the champagne ahead of time, arranging the perfect spot for the “big moment”, and having someone there to subtly video the moment.


Pedal Tavern driver Amy Muchow has a sentimental memory of an engagement she helped pull off on one of her tours. The groom had it planned out, all down to the enormous “Marry Me?” sign, which was bigger than the bike! Every Pedal Tavern tour stops at a famous Nashville mural for a photo op. When this crew made their stop, Amy recruited the bride-to-be’s sister to hold the sign with her in the background. There was the worry of how in the heck they were going to get that giant sign up in the background, without giving away the proposal. Luckily, the bride-to-be was in the front, so she never saw the sign until she saw the photograph. Her surprise and excitement were priceless, and her answer of “Yes!”, made that day unforgettable for everyone on the Pedal Tavern.


They actually came back for another Pedal Tavern tour the following year.  They immediately asked Amy if she remembered them. And of course she did, Pedal Tavern drivers remember every love story that unfolds on their bikes!


The Spark Between Two Strangers on the Pedal Tavern

One of our drivers actually unexpectedly met his future fiance on the Pedal Tavern. It all started with one of the notorious Nash Bash tours- another epic Nashville bachelorette party. One of the girls in the bachelorette party didn’t end up drinking on the tour so she sat up front and chatted with the driver. When the tour came to an end the girl’s friend left the girls number on the back bench for the driver- a great wing girl move. The driver didn’t want to miss his opportunity to get to know the girl more, so he arranged a date for them the next day to Fido’s and they walked around Hillsboro village. That’s all they needed, 48 hours in Nashville and the two had sparks between them! They took on the long distance relationship and are now engaged. Perhaps she’ll have her own Nashville bachelorette party on the Pedal Tavern to bring it back full circle!


The Nashville Pedal Tavern has been apart of many different Nashville experiences for people, but seeing love stories unfold is one of our favorite experiences to be present for! Nashville holds a special place in all of our hearts and we hope that those who visit Nashville and ride the Pedal Tavern share the same feeling.


If you’re thinking about your own surprise proposal contact us and we’ll help with the details! And if you’re riding solo and are in search of love, join us on one of our public toursa great Tinder date idea!