“The people you meet- that’s the best part of being a Nashville Pedal Tavern driver.”

A Nashville Pedal Tavern driver isn’t going to be that dull, monotone voice telling you about Nashville and how it has become “Nash-Vegas”. No. Nashville Pedal Tavern drivers are going to be the life of the party. They are going to be singing along to every song with you, they’ll start the dance party, and they’ll take the time to get to know you on the tour. From bucket list wishes to engagements to significant celebrations, find out why Nashville Pedal Tavern drivers love what they do!

nashville pedal tavern party bike driver Amy


Amy Muchow


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Time spent with NPT and position:

I joined the NPT team 6 years ago. I started as a driver, but quickly took on the role of managing the bar partnerships/drink specials.


As manager of bar partners and drink specials, do you have a favorite Nashville bar?

My favorite NPT partner bar is Clyde’s. It’s unique, a crowd favorite, and the GM is amazing to work with.

How did you become to be part of the Nashville Pedal Tavern team?

I had met Brian and Angie separately at Toby Keith’s and then met Pete Kootsikas. That place was what brought them together actually. And then they are who brought me to Nashville. I started bartending and then met Cloud. From there I knew most of the Nashville Pedal Tavern team and it was just destiny that I joined the team myself.

I had met all sorts of people, from all over while bartending, but many of the people I’ve met on Pedal Tavern tours are more than just customers looking to drink. They have come to experience Nashville through a Nashville Pedal Tavern tour. For many it’s more than just a bar crawl through Broadway or Midtown. It’s a bucket list experience; it’s a unique engagement; it’s a significant celebration that will be remembered many years later.

Do you have memories or any particular memory that’s not so “party-bike” and more sentimental?

I had a group of boys from Canada that were from Thornton Coffee. Which is like the Dunkin’ Donuts of Canada. The son of Thornton was diagnosed with ALS and had two kids and a wife, and his thing that he wanted to do on his bucket list was a Pedal Tavern tour. So a group of guys got in an RV, traveled down here, and took in the full Nashville Pedal Tavern experience. It’s always really touching when groups like this come through. It’s a reminder that Nashville Pedal Tavern is more than just a “party-bike”. 

Another tour that was pretty sentimental was when I had to do an actual engagement on my bike. The groom had it all planned out. He had this sign, this super long sign, that was bigger than the bike. I thought “How in God’s name…”. But it went off without a hitch! When we stopped to take a group picture I recruited her sister to hold the sign with me. The bride-to-be was in the front and the two of use with the sign in the back. She never saw the sign until she saw the photograph, which she then said “Yes!” to the proposal. They actually came back for another Pedal Tavern tour the next year, and I saw them at Clyde’s. They asked: “Do you remember us?!” And of course, I did! It was amazing to be apart of a proposal and to help create this memory for the couple.

What would you say your favorite part of being a Pedal Tavern driver is?

Everyone you meet. You meet people from everywhere! And it’s different than bartending. With bartending you still meet people, but you’re usually just serving a drink and then going on with your work. With Nashville Pedal Tavern you spend two hours with people, you get to know the people on your tour and experience the tour with them. We love what we do because of the people on our tours and the reason they come on a Nashville Pedal Tavern tour.

Can you paint a picture of your favorite memory driving the Pedal Tavern?

Oh yes, this story takes places when we didn’t have motors on the bikes. Random guys, not even a bachelor party, from all over, had a reunion, came here, and they wanted to pedal back up Demonbreun. So they dug their feet in and pedaled all the way back up, sweating, they were drenched by the time we got to the top. I was so impressed by their determination and they were so much fun, that I took the tip they gave me and bought them all a round of Fireball shots after I cleaned up my bike. 

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