Top 2 Reasons Why Nashville is the Most Romantic City

  1. The Music
  2. Historic Landmarks


When it comes to romantic evenings the two of the top things people remember are the sounds and sites of the memorable nights. If you are looking for couple things to do in Nashville you are without a doubt guaranteed to remember the music and sites that Nashville has to offer. With great music and great history, Nashville is filled with romantic things to ensure a night no one will forget.

If you are interested in the history of Nashville and the insatiable music, you would enjoy the Nashville Pedal Tavern tour of downtown.


The Music

Music is such a big part of relationships. Music can make us happy, sad, emotional, and more. There’s a song for every occasion. Music is a memory that will last forever or something to get you through a hard time. We think Nashville is a romantic place, and these country stars can attest to that. If it weren’t for music, some of these celebrity couples wouldn’t have met their forever love. There’s something about meeting your spouse at a concert, or at a bar listening to music, which makes it easier to fall in love. It’s such a cool thing to watch two people with musical gifts being able to share their passion in a song together. It’s a bond that won’t be able to be broken. Nashville is the heart of music, therefore it’s the heart of relationships and love.

  • Johnny and June: met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. She was singing backup for Elvis Presley. Johnny proposed multiple times before she finally said yes.
  • Faith and Tim: met at a radio event in Nashville started dating after Faith was Tim’s opener on tour.
  • Thomas and Lauren Rhett: they were best friends growing up. She friend-zoned him and was engaged to someone else when Thomas swooped in and confessed his feelings for her. She left her fiance and the couple got engaged a few months after!


Historic Landmarks

Being at a historical landmark, in my opinion, can be extremely romantic knowing how these places not only made people fall in love but also brought out the love in people. The emotion that music can deliver is unreal! It’s a magical experience and everyone should experience it. Being at an intimate show at the Ryman, where the music of these legendary artists can make the hair on your arms stand up, or make you shed a tear, is something that words cannot describe.

  • The Grand Ole Opry and Ryman are the most romantic places because a lot of couples meet there. The two locations foster music and love that become intertwined. 
  • One of our, Nashville Pedal Tavern, old drivers met his wife on our pedal tavern! She was from NY and was in Nashville for her friend’s bachelorette party. She immediately fell for him and moved to Nashville to be with him, now they are married!

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