Top Photo-Worthy Spots in Nashville

Nashville isn’t just a city; it’s a visual symphony that harmonizes rich cultural history, vibrant street art, iconic landmarks, and a contemporary urban landscape. From the legendary Music Row to the eclectic murals scattered throughout neighborhoods, every street corner in Nashville offers a photographic opportunity waiting to be captured. The city’s dynamic personality unfolds against the backdrop of iconic venues like The Ryman and modern architectural gems, providing a juxtaposition of tradition and innovation. 

Whether it’s the retro charm of boutique hotels, the lively atmosphere of rooftop bars, or the allure of vintage shops, Nashville beckons visitors to explore its diverse tapestry, inviting them to freeze moments that encapsulate the spirit of this lively and ever-evolving southern hub.

From Instagram-worthy pictures to capturing memorable sights, below are the best Nashville photo spots. We’ve broken down the best street art, best views at night, notable hotels and restaurants, and best ways to see our favorite photo spots in Nashville.

What Lifts You Mural in Nashville

Local Street Art

Nashville has a thriving street art scene, where both local and internationally acclaimed artists have celebrated the city’s vibrant energy and rich history by creating works of art. Dotted around the city, you’ll find that many sides of Nashville buildings serve as a canvas for artists to create a space for whimsy and fun. There are countless murals dotted around the city, some with long lines of people waiting to take a photo and others hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Another thing to see in Nashville is the 178 permanent public artworks consisting of Nashville’s Public Art Collection. Below, we’ve listed some of the popular (and our favorite) murals and statues to photograph in Nashville.

The classics:

  • What Lifts You” is the iconic two-story angel wing photo that many would say is the most recognizable in Nashville (302 11th Avenue South).
  • Jimi Hendrix moved to Nashville in the ‘60s to hone his stage performance, and his likeness rests on the side of the W Hotel (300 12th Ave South).
  • Candy Hearts” is a nod to the candy heart Valentine’s Day treat with sweet and sassy messages, and a must-stop for Bachelorette parties (601 8th Avenue South).
  • “Drippy Lips” is a playful wall of vibrant lipstick stains and is perfect for a modern, edgy photo stop (1814 21st Avenue South).
  • The iconic white- and bright-blue-striped wall of the Draper James store matches the southern hospitality and playful vibes of the flagship store inside (2608 12th Ave South).

Some of our personal favorite murals in Nashville:

  • What would Dolly do? She would take a selfie in front of her colorful, playful mural at The Five Spot (1006 Forrest Avenue).
  • Galactic Gardens is a mesmerizing blend of cosmic artistry, transforming the urban space into a celestial dreamscape (800 Fort Negley Boulevard).
  • The “Molly Green” mural mirrors the chic and trendy aesthetic of the Molly Green brand, adding a touch of fashionable flair to the street (918 Main Street).
  • The “Love Y’all” mural may be simple but it encapsulates Southern warmth and friendliness that Nashville is known for (2020 Lindell Avenue).
  • “Just a Few Gents” brings a touch of sophistication with a large helping of quirky in this easy-to-miss mural (2318 12th Avenue South).
  • Revive encapsulates the motivational message of renewal and revitalization (144 5th Avenue North).
  • “Go slay all the dragons that stand in your way” is an empowering mural that delivers a motivational message alongside artistic dragon imagery (1224 Meridian Street).

Parthenon in Nashville

Statues with BPE (big-photo-op-energy):

  • Ghost Ballet” adds a contemporary flourish to the East Bank of the Cumberland River between Nissan Stadium and the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.
  • “Musica” is a bronze statue that sits upon a grassy knoll at the center of the Music Row Roundabout, representing the various genres and forms of music that define Nashville.
  • “Owen Bradley” sits at the entrance to Owen Bradley Park, the gateway to Music Row and pays tribute to the influential music producer. 
  • “The Recording Angel,” found outside of Schermerhorn Symphony Center, is the serene guardian who represents the spirit of inspiration over the city of Nashville.
  • The “Stix” sculpture can be found in the middle of the roundabout at 8th Avenue and Korean Veterans Boulevard, adding an abstract and modern contrast to the park’s classical architecture.
  • “Threshold,” the giant gear ring embedded in the sidewalk along the East Bank Greenway, makes a natural frame for a cute group photo.
  • “Athena,” located inside the world’s only full-scale reproduction of the ancient Parthenon, stands at nearly 42 feet tall and is the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world (**there is a fee to see the statue).

Downtown, Broadway Nashville at night

Photo Spots in Nashville at Night

For a city known for its neon lights, iconic architecture and rich landmarks, the look and feel of Nashville changes once the sun sets. Seeing the city lit up at night is truly magnificent, so we’ve compiled a list of things to see in Nashville to save for some nighttime sight-seeing.

Night time snaps to capture

  • The Parthenon: Check out Nashville’s own full-scale replica just after dusk, when the accent lights cast a gorgeous glow worthy of the Gods.
  • Broadway neon lights: A walk down Broadway at night is about as bright as the daytime light, with every honkey tonk and restaurant tempting you to come inside via neon lights. 
  • Seigenthaler Footbridge: This pedestrian bridge spans the Cumberland River and is located one block south of Broadway, connecting Sparkman Street and Shelby Avenue. The bridge is dramatically lit at night and provides a beautiful view of the nighttime skyline.
  • Skyline: The “Batman Building” aka the AT&T Building, is just one of buildings that make the iconic Nashville skyline. Whether you’re walking along the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, grabbing a drink at the SkyBar Capitol View or walking near Cumberland Park, have your phone ready for a stunning nighttime photo.
  • Printer’s Alley: This area located downtown is a vibrant nightlife district dotted with eye-catching murals and neon lights.
  • Tennessee State Capitol: Not much has changed of this monumental building since 1859, and its imposing architecture is beautifully lit at night.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame: While the inside of the museum may be extraordinary, the outside at night is also a sight to see, especially at night when the pinnacle (modeled after the WSM Radio Tower) and front window (resembling piano keys) are lit up.

Indoor and Outdoor Nashville Instagram-worthy Pics

For a lot of us, the joy of going on a trip is taking our friends, family and followers with us, whether that be through text or on social media. The hotels below have incredible backdrops for vibrant and dynamic photos; you’ll be glad you went AND that you captured the memory. From retro-inspired decor to whimsical elements, visit these Nashville photo spots.

Heartbreak Hotel

Hotel/Bars – Indoor Nashville Photo Spots

  • Graduate Nashville: this quirky boutique hotel on West End is known for its eclectic design and playful atmosphere.
  • Noelle: Located Downtown Nashville, this stylish hotel seamlessly blends historic charm with modern luxury.
  • The Joseph: This luxury hotel makes for a gorgeous and contemporary photo backdrop.
  • The Dive Motel: This hotel charms with its retro aesthetic, providing a nostalgic and kitschy lodging experience.
  • Chopper Tiki Bar: Featuring a lively atmosphere and a massive robot hangs over the bar, this vibrant establishment serves drinks in whimsical tiki glasses.
  • Gracie’s Milkshake Bar: This bar showcases retro-inspired dessert bars with snap-worthy visually stunning and indulgent “freakshake” creations.
  • The Hampton Social: Capture its chic and social environment through its stylish interior and inviting atmosphere.
  • Pins Mechanical Co.: The unique combination of duckpin bowling, arcade games, and vibrant social spaces begs a visit and a photo.
  • Amelia’s Flower Shop: Charming doesn’t begin to describe the whimsical floral shop in L&L Market.

Bars/Restaurants – Outdoor Nashville Photo Spots

  • White Limozeen: Experience Nashville’s most glamorous rooftop bar, adorned with pink and gold decor inspired by Dolly Parton and offering skyline views.
  • Bobby’s Rooftop Lounge: Featuring a 1956 Scenicruiser bus and various views of downtown, capture and experience this sophisticated rooftop setting with crafted cocktails.
  • Rare Bird: Perched atop Noelle hotel, modern Southern cuisine meets breathtaking views of downtown Nashville.
  • The Pool Club: This rooftop oasis offers a tropical escape in the heart of the city, complete with a refreshing pool and stylish cocktails.
  • L.A. Jackson: Enjoy panoramic views of the Nashville skyline in a trendy rooftop setting.
  • White’s Mercantile: Adorable photo ops are aplenty at this charming cafe that embodies Southern hospitality. 

Mural stop along the NPT route

Instagram-Worthy Photo ops along the Nashville Pedal Tavern Route

Take in the spectacle of Nashville while becoming the spectacle on a Nashville Pedal Tavern bike. Earning its place in the “Top 10% of Attractions Worldwide” by TripAdvisor, join what other thousands of riders agree to be one heck of a good time. Hop on one of these pedal-powered party bikes with a friend or a whole group and pedal through the streets of Nashville, soaking up the sights and sounds of the city while enjoying drinks and good company.

Nashville Pedal Tavern offers two routes on their fleet of 13 bikes: the Lower Broadway route and the Music Row/Midtown route. Whichever path you choose will take you past countless Instagrammable photo ops and iconic Nashville must-sees.

Lower Broadway Route

  • Celebrity-backed honky tonks are also a dime a dozen on Broadway. You may pass many on your Pedal Tavern route, so have your camera ready to scout the following: Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, Blake Shelton’s Ole Red and FGL House (Florida Georgia Line). Snap a picture of AJs–Alan Jackson’s bar or Redneck Riviera is John Rich’s bar. Jason Aldean has his own place called Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar and Garth Brooks’ Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk is opening soon.
  • At the end of your ride, you’ll likely end up at the end of Broadway by the Cumberland River, where you can take the mother of all group photos.

Midtown and Music Row Route

  • From exterior shots of historic recording studios, like RCA Studio B where Elvis Presley recorded to the Musica Statue located at the Music Row Roundabout, Nashville’s history comes alive, begging to be photographed and immortalized. Plus, you can show all your friends and family where Dolly Parton recorded Down on Music Row” in 1973.

**Routes vary and are dependent on several factors, such as road closures and construction. Your expert driver and tour guide will do their best to pedal past some incredible photo ops.

RevRides and Nashville Toons partner collage

Additional ways to capture the best of Nashville

Looking for other ways to see some of Nashville’s best sights? Below, we have some non-traditional ways to see the city (and outskirts!), including by boat, by bus and by three-wheeled motorcycle. Take your pick of ways to take more pics!


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Nashville Toons 

If you’ve checked off all city sites, hop aboard an oversized double-decker pontoon on a three-hour boat cruise with Nashville Toons.You’ll not only get beautiful views of Percy Priest Lake, but your group will creates plenty of memories worth documenting with the slides, lily pad and floaties included in the experience. 

Bevē Boutiques shopping tour with personal photographer, Ryan Root

Shopping may be the central mission of a Bevē shopping tour, but seeing the beautiful city of Nashville while spending time with some of your favorite people is a big added bonus. Many groups hire a photographer to capture the day’s adventures on their Bevē tour. Because stops can include some of Nashville’s famous murals, hiring a professional to snap photos for long-lasting memories is a great opportunity. Ryan provides a unique variety of both posed and candid photos bringing true-to-life documentation of your Bevē experience.

Photowalk Nashville

Call up the paparazzi! A fun, local photographer will take you to the most photogenic places around Nashville and pose you to capture iconic photos of your crew. The best part? They get all the right angles for killer social media pics.

River Queen Voyages

Ditch the crowds on Broadway and see the famous Nashville Skyline from a different viewpoint: on the water! River Queen Voyages voted the “Best Outdoor Activity” in Nashville in 2022, offers a slew of fun water-based adventures. Located right by Nissan Stadium, this female-owned company offers excursions like kayak rentals, a river scavenger hunt with a certified river guide, a 4-person pedal kayak, and Nashville’s only pedal pontoon! 

Nashville emerges as a photographer’s playground, offering an eclectic mix of visual treasures that encapsulate the essence of “Music City”. From the historic landmarks and musical icons to the ever-evolving street art and modern architectural marvels, each photo op captures a piece of Nashville’s vibrant and diverse personality. Be sure to charge your phone or camera battery before embarking on some of Nashville’s best photo spots–you’ll definitely run out of juice before running out of content!