Every time one of our friends visits Nashville, we get the same anxiety-inducing text message: “Hey, I’ll be in Nashville in June! What are the best things to do, see and eat?” Or: “Can’t wait for you to show me around Nashville, I want to see it all!”. 

Even for an established and social Nashvillian, there can be a lot of pressure trying to prioritize what to see and do on a standard weekend visit.

On one hand, you know they’ll want to see all the tourist-y things that make Nashville a top destination. But you also want to show them things that only an “insider” might know about.

For those who need a little “cheat sheet” of recommendations, we got you. Below, you’ll find a good mix of classic Nashville recommendations alongside local staples. All ages will enjoy these recommendations, but we’re 20-40 year olds making these recommendations – disclaimer made! 


nashville pedal tavern rolling down broadway

Iconic Nashville Must-Dos with Out-of-Town Guests

Sure, these ideas are on every single list of ‘things to do in Nashville’, but they’re iconic for a reason–they’re ridiculously fun. Below are the touristy and predictable things we know our out-of-town visitors love doing, even if it’s a second, third or tenth visit to Nashville.



Show Them The Local Side

There’s no greater feeling than showing off your little slice of heaven to friends and family, because let’s be honest, being an actual resident of Nashville is legendary. Below are some of our favorite recommendations that show off the local flavor.



pontoon rentals on percy priest reservoir just outside of nashville with nashville toons

The Nashville You Might Have Overlooked

Sometimes you need a good reason to stretch out beyond the city limits and what better way than when you have visitors! If you have guests who are staying long enough for a day trip, here are our tried and true ideas:


  • Nashville by water: Boating on a nearby lake (we love Shipwreck Cove at Elm Hill Marina on Percy Priest Lake or Sam’s on Old Hickory Lake) or kayak down the Cumberland River on River Queen Voyages
  • Check out adorable downtown Franklin and sip rosé on the rooftop of Vintage Vine 100 
  • Trek down the Tennessee portion of the 444-mile Natchez Trace parkway to see 10,000 years of North American history
  • Visit Cheekwood, the Sprawling 1930s estate with an art museum & picturesque botanical gardens
  • Sample a wine flight at Arrington Vineyards
  • Catch a show at the Cavern, an underground music venue
  • Tour the Jack Daniel’s distillery at Lynchburg


You can’t help but fall in love with Nashville all over again when you see the city through the eyes of friends and family. Living in a city with such history, energy and flavor is a gift; we can’t help showing her off like a proud mama!