5 Killer Drinks That Are Sure To Make Your Party Bike Tour A Breeze

One of the awesome things about having to bring your drinks is that you can get as creative as you want with your drinks on pedal taverns!  It can be tempting to just grab a case of PBR but you could just as easily choose drinks that are a touch more creative and fun. The only rule is no glass, so here are a few delicious and refreshing crowd favorites that are simple and perfect for a Nashville tour!

 Group of Nashville Pedal Tavern Riders, one who is playing guitar

#1 – Juice Box Wines 

Be a kid again! Kind of.

  • An adult twist on a childhood favorite! Hit up our local liquor store Frugal MacDoogal and grab a selection of mini boxed wines. Perfect for sipping on while riding through Music City. 
  • There is no cup to spill or slosh around while biking, just sip from the straw and pedal off into the sunset!


#2 – Seltzers 

Basically, just a sprite that adds a pep to your pedal

  • The ultimate refreshing drink for those who aren’t a fan of liquor or beer. Individual cans make it easy to bundle and ride. They are currently all the rage, so it isn’t hard to find your favorite fruity flavor. 
  • Seltzers are perfect for people who want to beat the bloat of beer or cider and just skip to the good times!


#3 – Nashville Craft Beer 

The obvious classic

  • Beer – in cans! We will keep your cans in our cooler so even on the hottest of days, you can still crack open a cold one with the boys (and girls.) Grab a case and jump on!
  • With all the amazing breweries in Nashville, it’s super easy to find a case of the perfect local craft beer to bring along. Check out our favorite Nashville breweries here!


#4 – Plastic Growlers 

The slightly less obvious classic

  • Want to show your friends that you are way more interesting than a six-pack of beer while also following the no glass rule?  Pick up a plastic growler of your favorite Nashville brew or cider.
  • Coming soon from yours truly! While you’re waiting, check out the rest of the awesome Nashville Pedal Tavern merch we sell!

#5 – Mix Drinks in Water Bottles 

Can’t go wrong with a no-spill option!

  • Trust us, pre-mixing your drinks before your tour is MUCH easier than hauling bottles on top of bottles of mixers and liquor and trying to find room for everything. Pre-mix before you arrive and all will run smooth. Our advice? Use a Nalgene or other reusable water bottle.  Better for the environment, and all the more room for extra libations!
  • Extra incentive?  There is less risk of ending the tour with more drink on your shirt than in your belly.

Try out any (or all) of these drink ideas on when Booking a Nashville Pedal Tavern party bike and bar crawl!

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