A party bike tour is all fun and games until someone falls off the wagon…literally.  Here are some steps to take that make sure you have the best experience possible on your pedal tavern tour!  

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#1 – Don’t Bring Glass On Your Pedal Tavern

Don’t bring glass on the Pedal Tavern! What does that mean? It means don’t bring any beverage in glass bottles to your tour. It would be a total shame to have to leave your Watermelon Smirnoff Ice bottles behind, so save those for another night. No, there is no legal loophole, we can’t just store it in the cooler or keep it but pour it into cups. Due to City Regulations, we can’t have glass on board at any time for any reason. That in no way makes it less of a party! If you want some glass-free drink ideas, check out our blog on our fav drinks to bring on our party bike!


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#2 – Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can… Drink

Don’t bring too much to drink. Remember this is a bar crawl so we hate to see groups bring on loads of drinks and have to leave a lot behind. You will make bar stops along the party bike tour to take advantage of exclusive drink specials. A couple drinks per person is an adequate amount to keep everyone sippin’ along.


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#3 – Have Tons Of Fun On Our Party Bike Tour AND Live To Tell The Tale!  (Please)

Don’t show up hammered to your party bike tour. Yes, we endorse drinking adult beverages.  Get your groove on. Loosen up. Live a little. Raise the roof. We don’t however, endorse jumping on a massive bike while intoxicated. You are not Evil Knievel. Safety is our goal and we will keep you safe during your tour as long as you do your part by showing up coherent and able to walk. We have the right to refuse anyone to ride due to intoxication, so don’t be that person in the group, we promise your friends will give you crap for it for years to come.


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#4 – We Have A Nose For Finding Sneaky Minors

Don’t forget your ID! Your REAL ID. We are required to check every riders’ valid identification regardless of your age. If you are 55, get ready to be flattered, because we mean it when we say we check everyone. Don’t book if you or anyone in your group isn’t 21. We require all riders to be 21 years of age with a valid proof of ID. So, if you’re over 21, get ready for a night of fun! If you’re a minor, get ready for a disappointing night of watching Rush Hour 3 on TBS.


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#5 – Figure Out Your Escape Route

If you did the Nashville Pedal Tavern right, you should not be getting behind a wheel to get back to your home or hotel.  Plan to call a taxi, Lyft, Uber, or stretch limo.  Bribe one of your group to be a Designated Sober Buddy with promises of free brunch in the morning.  Don’t ruin a great night by driving drunk, always plan a safe way to get to your fuzzy pajamas and a warm bed.

Keep the good times rollin’ with a Nashville Pedal Tavern party bike tour and bar crawl!