“It’s been good for my soul.”

It’s all about that work-life balance, am I right? How can we bring in the money to pay the bills, while still living a life that isn’t packed full of stress, boredom, and migraines? There are endless self-help books out there that’ll give you step by step instructions on how to balance life. But you don’t need those books. The key takeaway to having a work-life balance is to find a company that meshes with your personality and encourages you to have fun while working. There’s no denying that work is life. The experts say we’re spending 1/3 of our lives at work, but for some, they are spending 2/3 of life at work in today’s society. So if you’re spending all that time at work, why not smile and enjoy what you’re doing?!

And that’s how Jake ended up driving with Nashville Pedal Tavern! He wanted a job that did some good for his soul. A job he wouldn’t wake up in the morning and have one leg still in bed. A job that he would thoroughly enjoy every day. A job where your coworkers feel like family and make you feel appreciated.

nashville pedal tavern drivers


Jake Butler


Florence, Alabama

Time spent with NPT and position:

1 Year!


What brought you to the Nashville Pedal Tavern family?

My good friend, Seth. I was living in Austin, Texas and he kept telling me about this awesome position at Nashville Pedal Tavern, a party bike in town. I did a phone interview with Brian and Angie. They sounded amazing and offered me a job over the phone. The job here is closer to my family, and my sister just had a baby, so as a new uncle and a guy that’s been away from his family for a while, it seemed like a good move back to head back to the east. 

I had been working a desk job and the lack of social interaction was really starting to get to me. I needed to escape the office atmosphere and get outside. Driving for Nashville Pedal Tavern gave me the social interaction I was needing, and it’s been one heck of a social job! Plus, it got me outside every single day, experiencing this amazing city. It’s been good for my soul, that’s for sure.

What has been your favorite part about driving with the Pedal Tavern?

My favorite part has been the family here. I’ve never worked for a company that made me feel so appreciated and I’ve never felt this close to my coworkers. Once I got to meet everybody and they immediately welcomed me in, I knew right away this was going to be a great place to work.

Do you have any Pedal Tavern stories to share? 

We had a double-bike tour of Rugby players that were in town for a bachelor party. We ended up having to reroute to Midtown/Music Row, which is a little over a mile apart. These guys pedaled from part of the way down the Broadway Route all the way up to Midtown. Not easy work considering the alcohol they’ve already started consuming and the Nashville heat, even for a group of strong, fit Rugby players. Pretty impressive pedalers.

What is your favorite partner bar?

Headquarters. I end up going there in my free time more often than any other place. It’s less touristy, so you get a good taste of local Nashville. 

Any local tips to give?

Highly recommend people going to the Frist Art Museum and the Nashville Symphony. Quite a different Nashville experience from Nashville Pedal Tavern, but why not get the full Nashville experience if you’re visiting? I also really like Centennial Park. Big fan of riding scooters around the park, enjoy the outdoors.

And a shameless plug here for, Third Coast Comedy Club. I’ve been doing improv there, and it’s a great community! I would definitely recommend going to see a show there!

How would you describe your style of party bike tour?

I would say that it is fun for all people. Really I feel like the style of my tour is something that, no matter who you are, it’s an all-inclusive tour. I want everyone to know all the songs I’m playing. Everything I’m playing, everything I’m doing is to make sure everyone’s having a good time.

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