Nashville Pedal Tavern runs party bike cruises through Broadway and Midtown in Nashville. Riders choose their route for a number of reasons. Those that are visiting Nashville and looking for more of the touristy, Nashville party scene choose Broadway. While those looking to roll a little more low key and hit up the local favorites opt for the Midtown route. This is your guide to Nashville Pedal Tavern Broadway vs Midtown party bike cruises. 

Broadway Party Bike Cruise

Broadway is best described as the street of “mega hype”. On a Broadway party bike cruise you’re in for high energy, honky tonks, live country music, and a rockin’ good time!

Just as Nashville has come to be known as NashVegas, Broadway has come to be known as the Nashville strip. You could spend all weekend on Broadway exploring the many bars, retail shops, restaurants, dessert shops, and many tourist attractions. From the Honky Tonks to the Country Music Hall of Fame to the rooftop bars, Broadway brings all aspects of Nashville culture together.

Broadway is one of the most famous strips for live music. You’ll hear a lot of great cover bands in every bar and at every street corner on Broadway. Lower Broadway is renowned for its honky tonks, and is referred to as the Honky Tonk Highway. You’ll hear country music flowing into the streets of Lower Broadway from 10am to 3am. And for those that don’t know what a honky tonk is, it is “an establishment that has at least one rockin’ music stage, cold beverages, and a party that lasts all day, every day”.

party bike on broadway in nashville

Locals hit Broadway to show friends and family a good time out in Nashville. Many locals also head to the honky tonks to watch their friends perform in the bands.

Broadway cruises are typically a more rowdy party in comparison to Midtown party bike cruises. On the Nashville Pedal Tavern Broadway Route you’ll take in the honky tonk scenery, immerse yourself in the liveliness of the constant party, and visit the streets off of Broadway that are home to some historic Nashville music attractions. 

Broadway does sell out the fastest for Nashville Pedal Tavern tours, so make sure to book ahead. If the weekend you want isn’t available for Broadway you can still book a Midtown party and have just as much fun!

Highlights of the Nashville Pedal Tavern Broadway Route include: 

  • Jason Aldean Bar: Famous rooftop bar.
  • FGL House: One of the best rooftops in Nashville. 
  • Ole Red: A Broadway bar inspired by Blake Shelton.
  • AJ’s (Allan Jackson) Good Time Bar
  • The George Jones: Not just a rooftop bar, but a smokehouse, live music, and a museum.
  • Doc Holiday’s Saloon: A bar filled Nashville charm.

Midtown and Music Row

*We aren’t currently offering our Midtown route on public tours

Midtown, also referred to as Music Row, is the local hub of Nashville. This area is much more low key and easier to navigate than Broadway. It’s a great area to explore Nashville at a slow pace, without the buzz of the crowds and honky tonks. 

Midtown is popular for its “writers rounds”, which are get-togethers of local Nashville songwriters singing their original songs. Broadway music is mostly cover bands.

Midtown is where locals typically hang out, away from the drunken crowd on Broadway. From business meetings to dinners out, Midtown is the go-to pick. This Nashville neighborhood is filled with upscale dining, local favorites and good ole bars that showcase some of Nashville’s old character. This area doesn’t have a lot of shopping, especially in comparison to Broadway, so be prepared to eat and drink while in Midtown! Not to mention, Midtown is a great bar-hopping area that doesn’t require navigating the crowds. 

This area isn’t the first pick for those visiting Nashville for the first time, but it’s a place that we highly recommend checking out before you jet out of town. It’s in the center of it all, surrounded by downtown, Music Row, West End and Hillsboro Village. You’ll get a different experience and see a part of Nashville you might not have thought to look for in the first place. 

Bar & Restaurant Perks

When you book with Nashville Pedal Tavern you’ll receive a Pedal Tavern wristband for drink specials and other perks at partner bars and restaurants. These partners are located throughout Broadway, Midtown, the Gulch and Demonbreun Hill. Your wristband is good for the perks as long as you keep it on.

So whichever route you choose for your Nashville party bike cruise, use your wristband later that evening or the next day in the other neighborhoods to get the full Nashville bar-hopping experience! 

nashville pedal tavern on broadway near honky tonks