What do you wanna do?”

“I dunno. What do you wanna do?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a first date or a 20th anniversary; the dialogue above is overused no matter how long the relationship. 

And even when it is date night in Nashville, there can be almost too many things to do, causing many couples to feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, we’ve broken down some very fun date ideas in Nashville – by mood! Whether you need first date ideas, are tired parents celebrating a very belated anniversary, or looking to amp up the adrenaline with a unique adventure: we’ve got you covered!

Below are different itineraries with one goal: FUN! No matter if you’re a local or a visitor to Nashville, change the normal date night conundrum from ‘what should we do?’ to ‘best date everrr!’ with these tried and true date ideas!


Date Ideas For When You’re Feeling Tourist-y

Whether you’re a Nashville first-timer, or you’ve set roots in Nashville, sometimes doing what the tourists do when they visit can make for the most fun date ever. Reacquaint (or get-to-know) Nashville through the eyes of a newbie!

Nashville Pedal Tavern: A bicycle built for two is cute and all, but have you ever pedaled down Broadway on a mobile tavern?! This is the ultimate date activity, as you can hold each other’s hands while also holding a beverage (and then use those legs to pedal like mad!).

hop on pedal and sip on the nashville pedal tavern for a date idea


Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge: Ok, this isn’t an intimate environment for a typical date night, but the music is great, the views from the rooftop aren’t too shabby and the people watching promises endless discussion topics.

Selfies galore with all the famous faces at Madame Tussauds: Put a date-night spin on a visit to the museum and see who can name the wax figures significant other! For example: Who is Luke Bryan’s wife?  

Date Ideas For When You Need a Little Culture

Whether your days are filled with Zoom calls, Cocomelon or both, sometimes it’s nice to remind yourselves that you are classy adults who do classy things. Dust off your best non-elastic waisted pants and elevate your minds with these fun date ideas!

Get Kissed at the Frist (we couldn’t help ourselves): ‘Oo’ and ‘ahh’ at the Frist’s latest art museum exhibits and bask in all the worldly talent!  

Hatch Show Print: It’s collab time! Make a print together at one of the Hatch’s many DIY events. 

Candlelight Concerts: It doesn’t get more classy or romantic than watching live musicians playing Mozart’s Requiem in candlelit ambiance. (If that’s just a little too much culture for you, there are Candlelight Concerts that also play more accessible music, like Adele and Coldplay.)

Date Ideas For When You’re Feeling Productive

How many times have you seen an activity and thought, “that sounds fun” or “we should do that” but have never gotten around to actually doing the dang thing? The time is now to experience these date activities together and cross them off the ‘let’s do that someday’ list! 

The Best Escape Room: Don’t lie; you’ve always thought you’d ace one of these rooms after all the crime shows you’ve binged together.

Moonlit Ghost Tours: With this tour, you don’t need an excuse to get close and cozy up to your boo!

Bad Axe Nash: What better way to impress a first date with brute strength and eagle-eyed marksmanship? Or better yet, laugh together when you both can’t hit the target!

Date Ideas For When You’re Drained from Keeping Children/Animals Alive and Healthy:

Tired parents of humans and furbabies: this date is for you. Sometimes, you don’t want to think; you just want to be catered to (like your spoiled toddler…or your needy chihuahua). In this itinerary, you and your date will be fed, pampered and entertained…by someone else!

Say ‘ahh’ at the Nashville Yards Spaaaa: Couples’ massage (or couples’ expensive nap, for some…) followed by cucumber water and fluffy clean robes is the perfect way to start a fun date. 

Arrington Vineyards: Who needs Napa when you can head to the local vineyard just outside of Nashville? Charcuterie and wine flight? Yes please. Peace and tranquility for two? Yes please! 

Die laughing at the Murder Mystery Dinner Show: After some rest and relaxation, it’s time for the endorphin-releasing part of the date. Afterall, couples who laugh together, stay together!

Date Ideas For When You’re Feeling 22…

No matter if you’ve been in love for decades or still exploring those L-word feelings, doing something reminiscent of childhood days can rejuvenate one’s soul and make you feel all couple-y.

Hidden Heart on Music Row: Grab a coffee and walk down Music Row on a lover’s scavenger hunt. Once you find the hidden heart, snap a smoochie selfie with your date!

Game Terminal: Relive the nostalgia of playing arcade and pinball games as a couple! A little friendly competition always leaves one frisky!

Pinewood Social: Nothing brings couples together more than the awkward transition of changing into bowling shoes. Get past this obstacle and reach the next level of couple-ness by knocking down some pins together!

Date Ideas For When You Crave the Open Road…

Trade in the minivan for a date with acceleration! This date will take you off the beaten path!

RevRide: Buckle up! Rent a Slingshot from RevRide and troll the roads looking like the ‘It’ couple that you are! Or ride off into the sunset on a romantic route through the Tennessee country-side. 

RevRide Nashville - date idea

Cooter’s Nashville: You don’t have to be a fan of Dukes of Hazzard to soak up the fun and explore the museum at Cooter’s Place. 

Lane Motor Museum: Mosey along the incredible collection of cars, motorcycles, boats and bikes at Lane Motors (but no sneaking off to any back seats!)


Lovebirds unite! Reignite (or set aflame) the passion in your relationship with these fun Nashville date night ideas. We guarantee you’ll never have another dull date…well, a dull date itinerary, that is. We can’t vouch for the person!