How the Right Team-Building Activity Will Actually Help Your Company

company outing in nashville - team building they'll actually enjoy

Want to know the best way to increase the productivity of your employees?  Spoiler: it isn’t a raise… It’s a fun and rewarding team-building activity. Planning an awesome company activity and gaining more insight into how your employees are doing is simpler than you might think.

Nashville Pedal Tavern corporate tours are not your average company outing; in fact, these company outings actually offer team-building benefits that not many corporate activities can. Coordinating your outing with Nashville Pedal Tavern is easy – book online or get in touch to book, pre-order your drinks, and show up ready to have a good time. Your 90-minute adventure pedaling around downtown Nashville and stopping into our favorite spots will be an activity that actually builds up your team.

Here’s what you can expect to get out of a successful team-building activity:

1. Raise Office Morale

According to a vast majority of psych articles on the topic, financial incentives to boost employee productivity and loyalty not only do not work, but they can also damage intracompany relationships. How do you create that positive trend in employee outlook and increase enthusiasm for work? Here are two scientifically proven ways:

  • Adding meaning to day-to-day jobs and emphasizing a larger benefit into all work practices and positions.
  • Creating a healthy work/life balance that supports a “work hard, play hard” mindset

For the latter, that’s where we come in. Show your commitment to fun is just as strong as your work ethic with a morale-boosting event to change up the usual pizza party (Hey, we love those too. But variety is the spice of life).

2. Give Your Team A Chance To Connect

Setting aside 90 minutes to explore downtown Nashville with a good beverage in hand gives your team the chance to get to know coworkers that they may not usually spend time at work. Mixing up departments can strengthen existing connections and form new connections. It also helps create a company-wide team spirit! 

Maybe some of your employees don’t mesh well – yet. The Solution? Throw them on a party bike and add a couple of drinks. By the end of the bike tour, everyone will find at least one thing they can relate to with each other. This can also stimulate and expand idea creation within your company. Talk about a productive team-building activity!

3. Open Communication

Keep in touch with how your employees are doing but maybe there are some conversations that usually don’t come up during the 9-5. Taking the time to have fun and don your listening ears will help you be alert to any ideas, improvements, or changes employees would like to see that they may not have voiced otherwise. Open communication is the first step to improvement, and communication is always easier done over a beer.

4. FUN: Let Your Hair Down And Loosen Your Tie

Not only is stepping away from the formalities of the office environment a good time, but engaging in relaxed, fun-filled activities allows team members to connect on a more personal level. Sharing experiences and laughter in a more casual setting can really build up team camaraderie.


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Nashville Pedal Tavern is ready to make every employee’s dream a reality with our private tours, carefully crafted for company outings. That way, you can just focus on enjoying your time with your team.