Team Building Ideas Your Company Will Actually Want To Do

Corporate boss from the TV show The Office holding a "Worlds Best Boss" Mug.  Subtitle reads "That pretty much sums it up".

“I’m not a normal boss, I’m a cool boss”

Want to know the best way to increase the productivity of your employees?  Spoiler: it isn’t a raise… it’s creative team-building ideas.  Plan an awesome company activity and gain more insight into how to improve your business than you might think. Nashville corporate tours are not a traditional corporate event, but it definitely offers benefits that not many company activities possess.  

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Raise Office Morale A Better Way: Corporate Group Activities

According to a vast majority of psych articles on the topic, financial incentives to boost employee productivity and loyalty not only do not work, they can also damage intracompany relationships. How do you create that positive trend in employee outlook and increase enthusiasm for work? Here are two scientifically proven ways:

  • By adding meaning to day-to-day jobs and emphasizing a larger benefit into all work practices and positions.
  • By creating a healthy work/life balance that supports a “work hard play hard” mindset

For the ladder, that’s where we come in.  Show you love fun just as much as your employees with a morale-boosting event that is a much cooler team building idea than a cupcake decorating contest. (Sorry, Sheryl from HR, maybe at Easter.)


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Give Your Coworkers A Chance To Connect On A Corporate Tour

Give your employees the chance to meet their coworkers that they don’t usually spend time at work with – mix HR and development, accounting and marketing. This can improve overall company team building and gives your employees the chance to make new connections. This also creates an all-encompassing company team spirit instead of just department team spirit. 

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Let Your Hair Down And Loosen Your Tie

Maybe some of your employees don’t mesh well. The Solution? Throw them on a party bike and add a couple drinks. By the end of the bike tour, everyone will find at least one thing they can relate to with each other. This can also stimulate and expand idea creation within your company. Talk about productive team building ideas!

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Open Communication

Keep in touch with how your employees are doing.  Maybe there are some thoughts or comments that usually don’t come out during your professional 9-5.  Take some time to have fun and tell everyone you are wearing your listening ears if they have any ideas, improvements, or changes they would like to see.  Open communication is the first step to improvements, and communication is always easier done over a beer.


To make it as easy as possible to make this employee’s dream a reality, we offer private tours so you can just focus on you and your company. We have routes all over downtown Nashville to cater to any Nashville hub area preference.

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