For those who have made new year’s resolutions to get more exercise, focus on self-care, and make new friends- this is the Nashville bucket list for you! Each item involves a degree of exercise (nothing that requires you be in peak shape).  For the self-care resolution, many of us are looking to de-stress, let our hair down, and just have a good time with some friends. Boom- that’s all covered with these bucket list items! And as for making new friends, that part is easy. You’ll be thrown in with a mix of strangers that typically turn out being super cool.

But for the 32% of people who don’t plan on making any new year’s resolutions this year, no problem. All of these Nashville bucket list items still apply!

So grab the calendar, it’s time to stick to those new year’s resolutions and schedule in these must do Nashville bucket list items!

Broadway Bar Crawl with Nashville Pedal Tavern

If Vegas is on your general bucket list then you’re hitting it pretty close with a Pedal Tavern tour through “Nashvegas”.  A pedal tavern tour with Nashville Pedal Tavern will make a group of “woo-girls” literally best friends by the end of the night and will have guys inviting you to join their bachelor party. On top of it all – you’ll be working off all the calories from the drink specials while pedaling around Lower Broad.

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Goat Yoga

For those who haven’t tried Goat Yoga in Nashville yet, maybe you have your reasons but if those reasons aren’t very solid then we’d say this is a must in the new year! This bucket list item covers all of the new year’s resolutions of more exercise, making new friends (human and cute animals alike), and self-care. You’ll be laughing your way through this yoga session and feeling like a whole new you after!

CMA Fest

You cannot live in Nashville or visit the city without attending CMA fest at one point in your life. It just isn’t right. But if you’re in the group of those yet to attend, this is your year! It’s a week filled with concerts and free shows! All of Lower Broadway is blocked off to walk the streets and dance your heart out to your favorite artist all day and all night. [We’re just going to slide in here and say that a Nashville Pedal Tavern tour is an awesome addition to any CMA fest itinerary you plan.] This Nashville bucket list item will get you out and about, making new friends and letting your hair down for a hot second. Life’s all about balance right? So balance that work grind with something fun that you’ll be looking forward to and reminiscing about long after.

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River Queen Voyages

River Queen Voyages speaks the Nashville Pedal Tavern language- dedicated to providing truly amazing experiences in Nashville. You’ll get some exercise and vitamin D while meeting fellow paddlers on the Cumberland River. We recommend grabbing the cooler for a little pregaming and then paddle your way from Shelby Park down to Lower Broadway Nashville. A great thing to do before you hit the streets of Nashville! (That’s if you’re able to stay dry!)


Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour with Premium Angel’s Share Tasting

Take a day trip from Nashville to Lynchburg and explore more of Tennessee’s rich history, charm, and craftsmanship. Lynchburg is home to the iconic Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Nashville’s Mint Julep Experiences is an official sponsor of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and provides full-day tours to Jack Daniel’s with a premium tasting, a visit to the limestone cave and spring on the distillery grounds, a salute to Jack’s gravesite, lunch at a local Lynchburg restaurant, and time to explore the charming Tennessee town. Visiting Jack Daniel’s Distillery is a Nashville bucket list item for whiskey drinkers, as well as Tennessee history buffs.

Nashville has a lot to offer. There’s a bucket list for the outdoor enthusiast, the music groupie, the artsy type, and then there’s the Nashville bucket list for those who like to party. These bucket list items will not fall short of providing you with an epic story to tell and pure satisfaction when you check it off your Nashville bucket list. And who knows, you might have such a mind-blowing time that you come back for another go at Nashvegas!

Get started on your Nashville bucket list with one of the top reviewed Nashville tours– Nashville Pedal Tavern.


Featured post photo by Katy Anne on Unsplash